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My suggestions are: first watch Inside Job by Charles Ferguson, then watch Plunder by Danny Schechter. If you have more time watch Meltdown next. And of course I always like no-nonsense Jesse Ventura and even though Crisis by Design is just a radio interview I found it very interesting.

Just in:  "The Wall Street Financial Crisis from Fall of Republic" is short and sweet.

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? (2011) [1:16:00]

Click to zoom

Download the full: Powell Memo by Lewis F. Powell

PBS Frontline | MF Global

PBS Frontline | Six Billion Dollar Bet, Frontline investigates MF Global's disastrous bet on European debt. (05/22/12) [21:07]  Note: Please wait for the video to load, PBS videos take a little longer.

PBS Frontline | Money, Power and Wall Street

PBS Frontline | Money, Power and Wall Street on PBS Part 1 (04/24/12) [59:14], Part 2 (04/24/12) [54:31], Part 3 (05/01/12) [59:14], Part 4 (05/01/12) [54:31]  Note: Please wait for the video to load, PBS videos take a little longer.

PBS Frontline | The Warning

PBS Frontline | The Warning, Brookley Born (10/13/09) [55:16]  Note: Please wait for the video to load, PBS videos take a little longer.


meltdown meltdown
Meltdown - The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010 Part 1 [44:58]

Meltdown - Part 2 [44:55]
meltdown meltdown
Meltdown - Part 3 [45:00]
Meltdown - Part 4 [44:59]

PBS: Newshour-How Does Goldman Sachs Make Its Profits

how-does-goldman-sachs-make-its-profitsPBS Newshour: How Does Goldman Sachs Make Its Profits? Part 1 (01/12/10) [9:04], Part 2 [8:43]

"Plunder: The Crime of our Time", by Danny Schechter

plunderPLUNDER: The Crime of our Time, Part 1 [55:45], Part 2 [44:51]

Plunder really explains what caused the crash... and why we are still in the middle of it.

Inside Job by Charles Ferguson

inside-job_1 inside-job_2
Dylan Ratigan: Inside Job: New Documentary Exposes How 'Banksters' Continue To Steal Our Money (09/30/10) [10:04]

Charlie Rose Interviews Charles Ferguson on his documentary 'Inside Job' (02/25/11) [17:09]
inside-job_3*Inside Job by Charles Furgison Part 1 (2011) [57:07], Part 2 [47:02] inside-job_4

Charles Ferguson speaks at the Commonwealth Club of California [1:05:36]

The Wall Street Financial Crisis from Fall of Republic by Alex Jones

wall-street-financial-crisisThe Wall Street Financial Crisis from Fall of Republic by Alex Jones (08/20/11) [30:44]

Overdose by Devell/Borgs

overdoseOverdose by Devell/Borgs [46:22]

Crisis by Design by John Truman Wolfe

crisis-by-designCrisis by Design by John Truman Wolfe [1:53:29]

This is not really a video, but a Coast-to-Coast AM radio interview... but it is a good one, exposing a lot of hidden information.

Jesse Ventura: Wallstreet

jesse-venturaJesse Ventura: "Wall Street" [43:44]

I like this video because it covers a LOT of issues in one 50 min spot.  If you don't like Jesse Ventura then just skip it.


too-big-to-fail too-big-to-fail
Sorkin on 'Too Big to Fail' [7:22] Too Big to Fail (trailer) [2:56]
For the actual movie "Too Big To Fail"

BBC: The Fall of Lehman Brothers

Fall of Lehman Brothers Part 1 [9:54], Part 2 [9:59], Part 3 [9:58], Part 4 [9:58], Part 5 [9:46], Part 6 [9:32]

AIG Bonus Scandal Explained

AIG Scandal AIG-bonus-scandal
AIG Scandal [10:19] AIG bonus scandal explained [10:00]

Crash - How The Banks Never Loose

crash-how-the-banks-went-bust-2009 how-the-banks-never-lose
Crash - How The Banks Went Bust 2009 [47:47]

Crash - How the Banks Never Lose [45:00]
crash-how-long-will-it-last how-the-banks-won-2010
Crash - How Long Will It Last
Crash - How the Banks Won 2010

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

shock doctrine

The Shock Doctrine 2009 [1:18:38]

13 Bankers by Simon Johnson

13-bankers13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown [1:29:11]

CNBC | House of Cards

house-of-cardsCNBC | House of Cards [1:29:11]

10.21.2011. 17:36

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